Why a clean working environment is also an efficient one

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In the English speaking world, a clean break or a clear deck are terms for the best basis for new endeavour, and most will agree it is easier to stay focused and efficient in a clean environment. In Japan, that connection is more explicit: the Japanese word for cleanliness – seiso – also implies lean Read More

Could Breakable Glass Be a Thing of the Past?

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We all know glass is brittle and fragile. Its part of its very nature. If you hit a pane of glass with a hammer, it will break – even double- or triple-glazed glass will succumb after a few blows. Image Credit Glass windows, therefore, remain a security risk. If a burglar wants to get into Read More

Your Central Heating Checklist

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Before your boiler wakes from its hibernation, follow this checklist to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Image Credit Hunt for Draughts Undesirable gaps in walls, flooring, windows and doors let warm air escape while cold air from the outside flows in. It is well worth your time seeking out any weak spots Read More

The Many Health Benefits of Golf

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Golf is a physically and mentally challenging sport. While it may not seem physically demanding, golf requires walking and moving outside for hours at a time. It also keeps your brain actively stimulated as you think through obstacles throughout the course. Here is a look at some other ways that golf is good for the Read More

Improving Safety and Security for All Types of Docks

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There is a lot of expertise and know-how that goes into the design of dock equipment to ensure it is of the finest quality and offers the ultimate in safety features. Below are a few of the different types of safety and security equipment you can find for docks of all types. Dock Enclosures Protecting Read More

Using Your Summerhouse in Winter

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You might think that you have to take the name summerhouse literally and its only something you can make use during the warmer weather. This isnt true though as a summerhouse can be a wonderful addition to the garden at any time of year. Here are some ideas for enjoying a summerhouse whatever the season: Read More

5 ways to drive more safely at night

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Statistically, you are much more likely to have an accident while driving in the dark. However, there are certain measures you can take to make yourself safer and here we take a look at some of those. Image Credit 1. Clean your car Keep your lights and indicators grime-free so that you can see and Read More

How to pick the right fabric for your next sewing project

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Cotton, chiffon, polyester or linen? Trying to decide which fabric is right for your sewing project can be maddening. Knowing which fabrics work best for which garment patterns seems to come instinctively to some people, but the rest of us may need a little help. The best way to approach the problem is to start Read More

How do shops get seasonal?

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Christmas is only a few weeks away and no doubt, the stores will have started to put up their festive decorations and play the seasonal songs we all know and love so much. How important is it for shops to get into the spirit of the season and does this affect where we choose to Read More

Using Kratom for Immune Disorders

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Ever since the leaves of this tree was eaten by a manual laborer in Thailand, the functional and also the medicinal benefits of Kratom have become well-known. Numerous tests, researches and studies have been conducted into Mitragyna Speciosa and it has now been accepted as a natural and effective remedy for depression, chronic pain and Read More