What is an organic nature style?

Whether you call it organic, raw or botanical, this trend in décor and lighting is hugely popular. This is a style that is inspired by nature and encourages a décor focused on tranquillity and subtlety.

If you want to recreate this style, consider introducing materials like bamboo, rattan or timber. These can be seen in lighting, furniture, accessories and also the colours used in paint or wallpaper, for example, with earthy tones and natural shades. Bringing nature into the home also means plants are important to add a botanical finishing touch. You can mix it up with a combination of fake and real plants, if you don’t want to spend too much time watering plants!

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Organic and natural aesthetics can also be implemented with the clever use of lighting. It’s all about creating cosy warm corners with a rustic finish. Lighting might have a more weathered, authentic look and could include brass, wood, gold and lamps with leaf prints, for example. Combine with a natural style ceiling rose for maximum effect. For a Ceiling Rose, consider Ceiling Roses from Creative Cables

Furniture can be made to feel more natural and comforting with the addition of oversized soft cushions, furry sofa throws, leaf-printed cushion covers and light colours such as beige, brown, cream or light grey, for example.

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Natural themes are great for bringing a greater sense of calm and tranquillity to your home environment by bringing in organic materials such as wood, shells, rattan, bamboo, plants and reeds for example.



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