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Keep Up With Interior Maintenance and Repairs

1 year ago Christopher 0
Your home’s interior is not exposed to outdoor elements like the exterior, but it does require regular maintenance and repairs to stay well-maintained. It’s especially important to maintain your home’s heating, cooling, plumbingand electrical systems make your home comfortable and efficient year-round. Read More

7 Ideas for a small bedroom larger look

2 years ago Christopher 0
Many times we need everything to change so that everything remains the same or better. some people to get the vacation you need to see everything as always to have a sense of security and some people need a change in home decor. If you also have small bedrooms we can get that look bigger Read More

The color trend for this fall: Black, red and camel

2 years ago Christopher 0
Inspired by the beautiful apartments in Brooklyn, we rescued a chromatic palette that is very fashionable, a purely New Yorker palette that sneaks into homes and all kinds of styles, tremendously elegant discreet combination, male, and very easy to apply. What is the color trend for this fall based on black, red and camels. Discover Read More

Get perfect lighting for long summer nights

2 years ago Christopher 0
Your exterior can be the perfect place to hold meetings with family and friends. On sunny days will be an advantage but … what about the night? There are plenty of interesting options to illuminate the long summer nights. We bring you some examples so you can apply them in your garden, terrace or balcony. Read More

What Are the Most Important Benefits of Blinds?

2 years ago Christopher 0
Windows are present in any room of the house, as they allow light and air to come through. Getting the right window covering is important, as you may want to filter light, or adjust the flow of air. Blinds online are a great window covering option, and they have many benefits, which is why they Read More

Plan to modernize the bathroom: 7 proposals to motivate style

2 years ago Christopher 0
The bathroom is one of the rooms in which more usually seen over time. If it’s dated, subtract charm the rest of the house as much as we mesosphere in the decoration of this. So today we are going to propose seven ideas to renew it with style. Sure we got motivate! The first thing Read More

You are thinking of painting? Notes color trends for spring-summer 2016

2 years ago Christopher 0
Playing with colors in decor is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a stay without major reforms ways. Thinking of painting? Notes color trends for spring-summer 2016 that today we bring you, inspired by Pantone and Bruger proposals for this upcoming season. Spring is the best time of year to introduce Read More