Perfect family

Detecting Cancer Early

Those who have family members who have cancer or those who want to know if they are at risk for having cancer or a tumor in the future can have a tumor marker test done at a doctor’s office or hospital. There are several uses for the tests as well as a few reasons why […]

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  • Reduce acne

    Foods that reduce acne

    Have some skin problem is something that despair, anguish and stressed because many people are concerned about how they look and how long you will be with him. See a dermatologist who values the course of treatment is necessary, but also what we eat determines the health of the skin. For those who still seek […]

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  • Practice running

    Recommendations to practice running at night

    Working hours or simply the change of seasons ago when the sun goes down proliferate lovers running, a sport popular among other things by its low cost. However we must consider some recommendations especially if we practice running urban. This is what you should consider. When night many streets and parks of our cities are […]

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  • Why your teeth look yellow

    6 Reasons why your teeth look yellow

    Although we can relate to poor oral hygiene, yellow teeth respond to many other factors that may even be related to genetics. Some healthy white teeth allow us to look a brighter smile and attractive. Because of this, more and more they are looking to keep them in perfect condition by applying various treatments. However, […]

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