• The human brain as a computer

    In 2013 IBM surprised the world of computing by introducing a prototype of a new kind of computer, which uses an artificial bloodstream to fuel its inner workings in the same way the human brain operates. Casual observers, who are used to all facets of life becoming more automated and mechanised, may be confused by […]

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  • Have a 2016 Action List? The FCA Does

    The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently published its 2016-2017 Business Plan and Budget. The plan outlines the focus areas for the FCA for the coming year and details its annual budget. The FCA has established seven key focus areas for this year, covering pensions, financial crime, advice, wholesale financial markets, culture, innovation and […]

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  • Holiday Gift

    Holiday gift ideas for clients

    Take advantage of the holidays to send something special to your customers, help you stay in your mind the rest of the year. The winter holiday season is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to strengthen relationships with major customers, colleagues and media. A small token of appreciation in the form of a year-end gift can help keep your […]

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