Business Ideas Beyond Land

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For entrepreneurs looking for inspiration for their next big business idea, a major problem often arises when they struggle to think beyond their perceived limits. For some that means failing to look beyond their current location and at what resources and opportunities are out there. The best ones never remain earthbound, but keep on pushing Read More

HR Ramifications of Working from Home

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Due to mobile technology and business voice services, the ability for employees to work remotely has greatly increased. Today, there is cloud based software that makes it easy to facilitate virtual meetings, connect to business dashboards, and interact with customers and because of this, more employers than ever before are instituting virtual job programs. In Read More

Alarm Bells Sounding over Household Debt

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For quite some time now, the British have apparently been comfortable with having substantial debt. Most of us have, at one time or another, used loans to finance significant consumer purchases such as holidays and new cars. Consumer confidence has improved since the dark days of 2008, so maybe this is not a problem. Or Read More

How would the income statement if there were no withholding?

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We are in full declaration of income and although many think about paying taxes that apply to us is actually a simple regularization. During the year the state will obtain revenue through withholding, either payroll or banks to give ourselves interests. And the statement is time to regularize taxes last year: adjust the difference between Read More

Three Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Growing

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If you run a creative business and want to ensure that it grows as fast as possible, you need a game plan. While there are diverse methodologies you can employ to keep your company on the path to growth, you may find the following techniques particularly effective: Read More

Maintain productivity in the summer working at home, myth or reality?

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One of the disadvantages of working at home is continuous interruptions. One advantage to reconcile work and family life. The trouble is that in summer often this means that if we have children touches us stay with them at home, so keep productivity in summer working at home becomes even more complicated. Much depends on Read More

5 keys and common elements having all successful brands

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The lists of companies with more value of the planet, the most powerful or most valuable brands and those which are better positioned to survive hard the future usually have one thing in common: Although you can say that some sectors, such as the technology seem more prepared to survive between now and the next Read More

Plan of human resources

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The human resources plan is another key element that is required in the process of drafting a business plan. As we have written many times in other articles, human resources are a critical element for the birth, development and success of a business idea as representing that element of professionalism essential to achieve excellence goals. Read More

Holiday gift ideas for clients

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Take advantage of the holidays to send something special to your customers, help you stay in your mind the rest of the year. The winter holiday season is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to strengthen relationships with major customers, colleagues and media. A small token of appreciation in the form of a year-end gift can help keep your Read More