A Few Tips for Beginner Bowlers

A Few Tips for Beginner Bowlers

If you love to bowl but rarely do it because you dont know what youre doing, then here are some useful tips for beginners. Youll soon be bowling with confidence in no time.

The first mistake many rookies make is to look at the pins while they bowl. Ideally, when you release the bowling ball you should be looking at either the dots, the foul line or the arrows.

The Dots These are halfway between the arrows and the foul line that are there to help you line up your shot.

The Foul line The closer to this line you look, the lower you will likely drop the ball. This is useful for training purposes but not for long-term play methods.

The Arrows These are positioned a third of the way down the lane and consist of 7 arrows making the shape of one arrow pointing towards the pins. This is the most obvious place to look when releasing the ball and will be more accurate than looking at the pins.

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Understanding where to look for your game will improve your bowling and increase your score. Once you start bowling better, youll also enjoy the game far more.

If youve seen the pros hooking the ball, youre probably keen to give that a try. You can only do this with any consistency with a good quality bowling ball. Its not an easy thing to achieve with plastic house balls.

A top-quality ball purchased from a bowling shop will provide a much better hook, have more power and help you to achieve more strikes. When you visit a bowling shop, explain what you want to achieve and if they have a set-up, let them see you bowl action.

You dont have to be swayed by the most expensive but remember that the cheapest will probably be no better than the alley-supplied bowling balls. If you find that bowling a heavier, better quality ball leaves your wrist feeling strained, then think about purchasing Bowling Wrist Support, available at http://www.petesproshop.co.uk/acatalog/wrist-supports.htm

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Beginners also benefit from understanding the etiquette of the game. Its not hard or overly restrictive but will make you a better player.

  • Dont stand on the wooden approach area before or after you bowl. You should always wait by the seated area until its your turn to bowl and dont wait on the approach.
  • Always wait your turn to enter the approach until the person before you has finished bowling.
  • Dont use other peoples personal balls. This kind of goes without saying as its just common courtesy.
  • Dont shout out or yell and certainly no heckling. Its not funny, its just rude and annoying. Bowling is a game of respect, particularly if you start to play in a league.

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