Investing in New Fixtures for Your Business

2 days ago Christopher 0
While the basis of your businesss success may fall with the products and services you offer, it also depends to some extent on the types of fixtures you use in your office space. In fact, productivity and focus can be directly linked to how ergonomic the furniture in an office or factory is for the Read More

The magical game of Rummy.

3 days ago Christopher 0
There are a multitude of card games but one of the most popular and easiest is the game of Rummy. Its also got a version that is just known as Gin but it isnt related to the tasty drink that you mix with tonic and a slice. Card games are a brilliant way of getting Read More

Adding Variety To Your Jump Courses

4 days ago Christopher 0
Whether you ride hunters, jumpers, or eventers, interesting horse jump designs are an important part of your training program. While you can get by with some plain standards and poles, adding some variety in the form of walls, gates, rollbacks, and hedges add visual interest and helps both you and your horse develop confidence over Read More

Does your accounting firm need a podcast?

2 weeks ago Christopher 0
Podcasts come from a variety of different sources, ranging from individuals to large corporations, and many businesses now use them as a marketing tool. But if you are running an accounting firm, is creating a podcast worthwhile? Image Credit A recent study shows that 44 percent of people say they have listened to a podcast Read More