Timber frame construction is changing the way houses are built

Despite being an older method, there was a time when building a timber frame home in the UK and Ireland was considered a non-traditional choice. Securing a loan or mortgage was more difficult as lenders believed timber-framed buildings were a less secure investment than brick-and-mortar structures. Image Credit However, as technologies advance, demand grows and […]

Why a clean working environment is also an efficient one

In the English speaking world, a clean break or a clear deck are terms for the best basis for new endeavour, and most will agree it is easier to stay focused and efficient in a clean environment. In Japan, that connection is more explicit: the Japanese word for cleanliness – seiso – also implies lean […]

Tips and picks of best memory card recovery software

Dont get panic if you mistakenly erased, cleared or deleted any file, document, picture or something important from your PC. The latest technology is on fire, now we can do many things which we couldnt do in past. By the advancement of technology and establishment of many recovery tools, we can get our deleted items […]

Which is better, a multi-channel AV receiver or only stereo if we have little budget?

A few days ago we made a selection of stereo equipment for high fidelity fans with moderate budgets that looked for good sound when listening to music. Some of you told me that in these times, why do we recommend amplifiers with only two channels when there are AV receivers on the market that work with 5, 7, 9 or more channels and also serve to listen […]