The most popular destinations to travel alone this 2017

Traveling alone is an experience … More and more people are betting on solo travel. Unaccompanied travel reserves are increasing. These types of travelers choose emerging destinations or trend. If you want to travel alone this summer, here are the most popular destinations.

The UK’s first heart pump to start clinical trials in 2018

Medicine and science are constantly moving forward; now, the UKs first ever artificial heart pump is one step closer to being a reality for patients. Image Credit The pump, which has been developed by Calon Cardio, will be implanted into a patients failing heart to pump blood around the body. The pump works independently and […]

10 more great ways to drive traffic to your website

Implement alternative microdata Implementing schema or another alternative microdata format will make it simpler for search engine bots to locate and index your content and site. This can also increase click-through rates. Image Credit Interview big names Publishing interviews with well-known figures (industry specific or just general) will boost your credibility and the interviewee will […]

Why Consider SAP for Small Businesses?

As it possesses modern data processing techniques, SAP has taken different industries by a storm and is booming. Before the introduction of Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) systems, businesses had had to rely on individual Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for managing the different aspects of running their companies. This included individual software for accounting, […]