Everything you need to know about EU refrigeration legislation

With Brexit looming, you would be forgiven for thinking that EU legislation wasn’t important. However, if the UK wants to continue selling and marketing goods into the EU then manufacturing companies will have to abide by EU rules and regulations. The ones that affect refrigeration equipment are no exception and new rules are in place […]

Seven buildings that seem to come from the future

Architecture often seeks to leave us perplexed and show us something we could not even have imagined. That is why there are many buildings of our time, or even decades ago, that surprise us with forms that seem to have been brought from near times. These seven buildings are a sample of buildings that look […]

Citron E-Berlingo Multispace, an electric ‘minivan’ with up to 170 kilometers of autonomy

It is called E-Berlingo Multispace and is the latest electric vehicle from Citron, a ‘minivan’ van that, by the way, is assembled in the Vigo factory in Galicia. It promises an approved autonomy of 170 kilometers and, according to the French brand, this practical and spacious vehicle is ideal for both businesses and families. It […]

IPCC Wants To See British Police Forces Issued With Body Worn Cameras

It was only a matter of time before technological advances would be adopted by bodies such as police forces, and cameras can provide very valuable perspectives. Cyclists are using them on their helmets as evidence of how other road users are treating them, and CCTV has long been a reassurance to people. Image Credit The […]

The 9 dangers of hyper connection that your company is not aware of

The smartphone, the laptop, the computers of the company connected to the Internet, to be able to access from the home to the applications and data of the company, at any time whenever we need them that the company is living always connected. Beyond its benefits today we are going to see the 9 perils […]