Why children need to be bored

3 years ago Christopher 0
“Mom: I cannot stop the thoughts that come into my head.” A friend told me recently that her daughter, barely five years old, had surprised her with this comment as she carried her to a birthday. Sitting in her car seat in the rear seat of the car, she showed little overwhelmed and bewildered. It Read More

Audi will be the spearhead of the Volkswagen group with hydrogen fuel cell

3 years ago Christopher 0
Audi has a new head in the area of technological development.It’s called these days Stefan Knirsch and lays the foundation for what will be the strategy of the brand with the four rings in relation to thegroup to which itbelongs.In that regard, Knirsch has come to defendthe technology offuel cell hydrogen, despite the announced and Read More

Typography and why you cannot overlook it

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When you pick a typeface for your online or offline communications, choosing a font that looks pretty shouldn’t be your only consideration. Typography choices should take other aspects into account, including accessibility and brand awareness. Read More