10 more great ways to drive traffic to your website

Implement alternative microdata

Implementing schema or another alternative microdata format will make it simpler for search engine bots to locate and index your content and site. This can also increase click-through rates.

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Interview big names

Publishing interviews with well-known figures (industry specific or just general) will boost your credibility and the interviewee will probably share the link too – further increasing your reach.

Link internally

When creating content, make the most of the chances for internal links. This helps with SEO and makes it easier for readers to view more of your content in one visit.

Email marketing can work

Even an averagely successful email can result in a noticeable upturn in traffic. You are six times more likely to receive a click-through from an email than you are from a tweet.

Optimise your site for all devices

Today, the vast majority of people are using mobile devices rather than desktops. Ensure that your site is accessible and mobile friendly so people can view it on whatever device they use.

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Community building

As we all know, people want to be able to get involved in debate on topics they feel strongly about. Conversation increases traffic, so if you can build a sense of participation and community on your site, you should see the benefits.

Slow is no go

If your website takes ages to load, people will leave rather than wait to read your content. Make sure your images are of a sensible size, that your page structure is conducive to speed, and that any third-party plugins work swiftly.

Comment your way across the web

When you visit other websites, make sure to join the conversation. Posting insightful and thought-provoking comments will get your name known in your industry. You can also include links to your own site in some comments sections.

Get social

You need to do more than just use social media to post links. Answer any questions promptly and politely and interact regularly with your followers/readers.

Host your own webinars

People are always keen to learn, and webinars are an increasingly popular and effective way of sharing your knowledge.

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