10 habits to be abandoned to improve the productivity of your work

10 habits to be abandoned to improve the productivity of your work

If you think about it in your day is exactly the same number of hours of the big stars – but then why you seem to never be able to keep up with your list of things to do? In addition to not having a team of assistants to follow you day and night, often success in the professional, we are denied by some “bad habits.” Fortunately, habits can be changed, and the Time has compiled a list of 10 habits that most undermine our productivity; Let’s find out together.

1. Constantly check e-mail

Let’s face it: we are all guilty of wasting time and concentration caused by excessive control of email. However the consequences of this habit are more serious than you might think, some studies have linked the vet to email to anxiety and depression, as well as the decline in job performance and memory.

The best way to overcome this bad habit is to impose the precise times at which check their mailbox. If it is necessary you can even create you an automatic email response that makes known the time during which a look at email.

2. Fix weekly update meetings

Most of us have the subtle suspicion that the meetings are a big waste of time, but nevertheless, we fix them anyway. Although nothing is changed, all they have to stop during the course of their duties and participate in a face to face meeting between colleagues.

Rather you can try to use a shared system of management documents, such as Google Docs, to realize the achievements and decide how to proceed from time to time with no time wasted.

3. Working too long

Several studies have shown that working more than eight hours a day causes a decline in productivity, as well as uploading of stress who do not pass these working hours.

Timing the hours spent working, however, it does not cause any benefit: rather it is better to train in trying to be more concentrated at work perhaps using techniques such as Time blocking, based on the division of labor in predefined periods of time in order to improve your organization. The results will comment on their own.

4. Postpone major projects

When you take a look at your list of things to do, what the precedence? If you tend to spend your time working first on minor tasks and then focus on the ones that matter most, you have a very bad habit that it would be better to lose. In the moment, you arrive at the project that matters most will be tired, irritable and far less productive.

Committing now in the most important matters will give the best when it matters most, putting aside less important tasks for those moments when your attention inevitably will fall and you will have less energy and motivation.

5. Have breakfast only with coffee

All use coffee to give us the energy in the morning, but it is by chance the only food that makes your breakfast? If you skip the first meal of the day, you will lose very important energy during the working day. During the night, your body is dehydrated and consume many calories.

Having breakfast with only a coffee deny your body the nourishment and fluids it needs, which undoubtedly will have a big impact on productivity and mood of the day. In addition, you can consume hordenine supplements to refill your body energy and increase productivity.

6. Sleeping less than 8 hours

Speaking of sleep, cannot sleep at least 8 hours a night? Most American entrepreneurs cannot do it, suffering consequently a drop in productivity. Several studies have shown that sleep for several nights in succession less than five hours per night has the same effects on the organism that would have a large amount of alcohol in the blood.

In addition to this if you do not get enough sleep you will be more prone to making mistakes, suffer most frequent migraines and you will be distracted more easily.

7. Dining at your desk

You may think that you are more productive skipping the lunch break, but what if you accidentally drop the food or drink on your keyboard or worse on important documents? It’s just a distraction to ruin your afternoon productivity.

It is also more likely to choose unhealthy foods and eating too much if you consume meals at your desk. Do a favor to your productivity: you dine away from the office.

8. Do not take breaks

Continue to work tirelessly might make you think that you are more productive, but several studies have shown that the breaks help keep productivity high.

It is better to think of a break as the perfect opportunity to rest, allowing your brain to make new connections and give him an opportunity to refocus on more important things. The breaks also lower the chance of making mistakes and bind us closer to our work.

9. Give each task the same importance

According to the rule 80/20, 20% of our business activities is the basis of 80% of the results of our efforts. This means that only 2 out of 10 projects to which we devote our attention to holding 80% of the actual productivity of our work. So why give each task the same importance?

By focusing on the 20% most important you will be significantly more productive. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a whole day “tilting at windmills” just to make you then account did not give attention to the most important projects.

10. Make more things at once

You could be convinced to be more productive occupy of two or more tasks simultaneously, but in reality, you are only deluding themselves. Even though your brain may be able to be divided between more tasks, the transition from one activity to another due to a loss of concentration, creativity, and productivity.

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