• Running shoes
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    Tips to extend the life of your running shoes

    Running shoes are our faithful companions. If we do many kilometers, it may not last us long (maybe a few months). But with some tricks we can extend the life of our running shoes. From how to use to how to clean them, there are little things we can do every day to make our […]

  • keep a family together
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    How to keep a family together?

    To create bonds of family unity, communication is essential. Parents and children should create confidence pillars to ensure stability at home, it is important that there is harmony among all members, from the smallest to the most adult integrating the family business. Respect for family members, begins to form from small, our children must begin […]

  • The human brain as a computer
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    The human brain as a computer

    In 2013 IBM surprised the world of computing by introducing a prototype of a new kind of computer, which uses an artificial bloodstream to fuel its inner workings in the same way the human brain operates. Casual observers, who are used to all facets of life becoming more automated and mechanised, may be confused by […]