Amazon wants to be your next ISP

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The e-commerce giant would be exploring new business opportunities to strengthen its presence in the European market. One of them offer internet as an operator. Amazon is thinking of adding a new service to their already diverse portfolio, which would make him rival companies like Vodafone or Orange. It is becoming an ISP or provider Read More

How to Build a Strong, Political Resume

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Breaking into politics is a lot like breaking into show business. You need a little bit of luck and know the right people. In many cases, some political careers are longer than others. Building a strong, political resume requires many years of hard work in order to stay in the industry. Take a look at Read More

Liquidating The Assets

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There are many businesses that are closing their doors. Instead of donating the items left over, businesses can hold an orderly liquidation sale to make at least a little money from the products that haven’t sold while the business has been open. There is a strategy in holding this kind of sale so that it’s Read More

Is it better to have a child and then get married?

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Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, … having children before marriage is not just a fad among celebrities: up to 43% of children are born outside marriage in our country, according to the latest OECD data. Up to 277% more than children born in 1995. Yes, our mentality has evolved and has children before marriage is not Read More

How to remove acne blemishes with lemon

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Having overcome acne, you may remain in face some spots or unsightly marks because those pimples or zits that were not treated in the right way. In addition to these, it is also possible that red spots occurring during the condition due to dead skin cells that clog pores and inflames the skin. Would you Read More

Benefits Of Advanced CFD Trading

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CFD trading is just another aspect of the ever expanding world of finance and how individuals are using newer methods and techniques to stay on top of this million dollar industry. Read More

Seven animals that changed science forever

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This week marked 129 years since the birth of Erwin Schrdinger. An Austrian physicist who developed very important ideas, for quantum physics and thermodynamics, but will be remembered for his cat. Not for his cat; that is, not for your pet. If not for a famous thought experiment, with which we explain since 1935 some Read More